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Cyber Security Strategy & Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

Whether immediate assistance during a security breach, or implementations and advisory services on unfamiliar technologies is required, SIOCODER provides the agility and adaptability to suit the demands of our clients, as and when they need us.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a vital component of your security strategy. By taking a proactive approach to your cybersecurity, you'll strengthen your defenses against hackers and other threats.​

Managed Assurance Services

Managed Assurance Services

With a major shortage of skilled resources in today’s cybersecurity market, more and more organizations are opting to outsource key security monitoring services to a managed security service provider (MSSP).​

Endpoint & Network Detection/Response

Endpoint & Network Detection/Response

Get protection across the entire threat lifecycle by combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and proactive threat hunting.

SoC & Incident Responce

SoC & Incident Responce

Continuous monitoring for security incidents to detect and contain attacks and intrusions in the shortest possible time. ​

Social Engineering and User Awareness Training

Social Engineering and User Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link-your employees​. At present humans, rather than machines, are a prime target for cyber-criminals. Phishing is one of the top three security threats faced by businesses and is used in more than two-thirds of all cyber attacks.​

Your security matters.

We empower our clients with cyber security knowledge and in addition protect them against the digital threat landscape.

The primary goals and objective of security is to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). These three principles are considered the most significant within the realm of security. It is therefore imperative for an organisation to know what their security goals and requirements so that they can strike a balance with the CIA triad.

  • Confidentiality: A high level of assurance is given data or resources are restricted from unauthorized parties.
  • Integrity: Assurance is provided that data or resources are unaltered from their original state at rest, transit and in process.
  • Availability: Assurance is given that data or resources are always accessible to authorized parties. Consequently, there's uninterrupted access to resources.

Did you also consider security in the cloud? What is your cloud security strategy?

cloud architecture & design

Design principles for protecting sensitive data in the cloud include hardening devices, encryption and a layered defense.

Cloud data security

Organisations need to understand their data life cycle within the cloud environment as well as specific security challenges within each phase. Cryptography and the importance of key management also need to be considered.

cloud platform & infrastructure security

Understanding each cloud computing platform i.e. private, community, public, hybrid, Iaas, PaaS and SaaS with greatly assist with your cloud security strategy. Potential threats and vulnerabilities that constitute the cloud attack surface will be known.

cloud application security

Applciations are the primary focus for the SaaS models. Consequently, organisations need to consider the application SDLC, verification/validation of software and identity access managment (IAM).

Our Technologies

We have more than 10 years experience with multiple technologies in the cyber security realm.

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